Featured Acupuncturist – Christine Sanmiquel in Monterey, California

Join me in welcoming this month's Featured Acupuncturist Christine Sanmiquel! Christine is an honored member of the Pediatric Acupuncture Directory and has a passion for helping children heal. We wanted to introduce her to all of you.  So, please read below to find out more about her and her practice.

Christine SanmiquelChristine Sanmiquel L.Ac specializes in holistic pediatric care and natural treatment methods for the whole family. She is known for her kind manner and gentle treatments. She readily uses effective non-needle techniques and trusted herbal remedies as well as dietary and lifestyle counseling to achieve excellent results. In addition, Christine is an instructor at Five Branches University and co-founder and president of the Internal Alchemy Institute. She is currently completing her doctoral training in family medicine at Five Branches University. Her capstone will be on pediatric care and Chinese medicine. When she is not teaching, treating, or studying, you can find her traveling or enjoying the outdoors with her wonderful husband and young son.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey to acupuncture:

I was first introduced to Chinese medicine in 1998 during my undergraduate studies. I was a pre-med student and very science minded when I enrolled in an elective class called, Nature, Movement and Meditation which was taught by a Qigong Master from China. I was immediately impressed by his vibrancy in old age as well as his ability to diagnose and treat in seemingly magical ways! What was most influential for me was when I actually practiced the Qigong exercises myself and felt the energy move in my body. There was no denying it; there was something happening! I ended up studying with him until I graduated and was even able to teach Qigong to people in the community with Parkinson's disease for my senior thesis project. I found there was a correlation between Qigong practice and increased quality of life. This lead me to getting my masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as 2,000 hours of post graduate Medical Qigong training. I love the synchronicities of life! I never would have guessed this would be my work and that I would be so happy doing it.

What inspires you about working with kids?

So much about working with children inspires me! From the moment they walk in, I am impressed by their presence and their authenticity. They are so honest with where they are at and I love meeting them in that space and seeing them relax when they realize I am not going to force them to do anything they don't want to. As someone who grew up with severe needle phobia, this is an important aspect of treatment for me as a practitioner. Trust is paramount. When they are open and relaxed, their natural curiosity about their bodies comes out and we can have fun learning and helping their bodies to balance and heal. It is such a gift to be able to see them light up when they learn how amazing their bodies are and that they can trust them to heal! I also love watching them learn about the relationship between what they eat and how they feel both physically and emotionally. Over the years, when I learn more about this medicine, I keep thinking to myself, “Gosh, if I only knew this when I was growing up!”. I am thrilled to be able to help families have a healthier future..

What is your philosophy about keeping kids healthy?

I believe treatment is most effective when the whole family can participate in making healthy choices together. While this is true for treating mom and dad, I find this to be especially true with treating children. I also feel having realistic expectations to be incredibly valuable. If families are wanting to make big changes, I believe taking time to ensure the changes are manageable and even fun (especially fun?!) will produce much better results.

What is your practice name, location and website?

Internal Alchemy Institute

1900 Garden Rd. Suite 280

Monterey, CA. 93940


Do you have a specialty within pediatrics or are there certain conditions you like to treat?

I enjoy treating the whole family, including newborns. I have success in pediatrics with asthma, digestive disorders, anxiety, sleep disorders and ADD/ADHD.

You can find Christine's Directory Listing by Clicking HERE!


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