Acupuncture for Children

Acupuncture for Kids is Gaining Popularity! 


Many kids today suffer from chronic inflammatory conditions and sometimes Western medicine isn’t enough!  


That’s why parents are turning to acupuncture because it offers a safe, natural and effective approach to pediatric care. It  focuses on treating symptoms leading to a safe resolution of illness and preventing illness in the future by stimulating healing and restoring the body’s own resilience.  Modern acupuncture treatments are done using painless acupuncture and non-needle treatment techniques, so even children afraid of needles will find the treatments easy and painless.

In Chinese medicine we believe that each child is unique and we customize each treatment plan to the child’s individual needs.   Sometimes generic western treatments may not be able to adequately address the challenges faced by a child and parents may be told they’ll just “grow out of it.” No parent wants to accept such a fatalistic view when their child is suffering!

Parents may also be concerned about turning to powerful Western drugs which may have unwanted side effects, instead turning to other approaches such as acupuncture because it is less invasive and has no unwanted side effects.

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Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture for kids is virtually painless.  Pediatric acupuncturists are trained to use a special needling technique using needles so fine they are about the size of a strand of hair.  For young children a rapid needling technique is used, where the needle is inserted and immediately taken out. Babies and children do not have to sit still for more than a few seconds at a time.  Watch the video above to see what acupuncture for kids is like.


Even Babies Can Get Acupuncture! Watch this video of Baby’s First Acupuncture Treatment


Non-Needle Options are Available, Too.

MHFW1042 with boarder and tagPediatric acupuncturists understand that not every child will undergo acupuncture.  A child is never forced to have acupuncture treatment and there are several other non-needle treatment techniques that your acupuncturist may use. They are easy, painless and have a similar therapeutic effect to acupuncture.


Acupuncture can also be used as an adjunct to conventional pediatric care.

Most acupuncturists offer well visits where they can address health issues before they become a major issue.  Well visits allows the practitioner to address some of the deficiencies of conventional pediatric care such as nutritional counseling, attention to environmental toxins, emotional health and more. After the birth of a baby, guidance is provided for parents on all aspects of the baby’s care such as decisions regarding sleeping arrangements, support for breastfeeding mothers, treatment of common problems like colic and reflux.

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What is a Treatment Like?

Treatments are customized to each child’s temperament and specific needs. All aspects of a child’s health are taken into consideration:

  • Physical health: Digestion, sleep, energy, immune function
  • Diet
  • Environment & toxic load
  • Emotional well-being

After a through examination and discussion of the child’s health history and current complaint, one or more of the following treatment methods may be used:

  • Herbal medicine
  • Pediatric acupuncture
  • Non-needle techniques
  • Chinese pediatric massage
  • Dietary modifications

For more information, how Robin treats children click the following link to read her blog article Acupuncture For Kids.

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