Featured Acupuncturist – Arden Yingling

We’re pleased to introduce this month’s Featured Acupuncturist Arden Yingling! Arden is is gifted acupuncturist and herbalist, so please read below and find out more about her and her practice, Song Bird Acupuncturist.

Arden Yingling, L.Ac., MAcOM, is a board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist in Austin, Texas. Arden loves working with babies and kids to help them thrive. She offers a child-friendly office and gentle care with a spirit of warmth and fun. Pediatric treatments feature acupuncture or non-needle techniques, herbal medicine, nutritional recommendations, and home care tips for parents. Arden’s practice also focuses on women’s health, with a goal of supporting and nurturing mothers through the childbearing cycle and beyond


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey to acupuncture:

I received my first acupuncture treatment twenty years ago, and that experience was the first spark towards a big shift in my understanding of health and wellness. Several years later, acupuncture helped keep me and my baby healthy during a difficult pregnancy and postpartum period, and I found myself wanting to return the favor! I’ve always been interested in women and children’s health, so becoming an acupuncturist was a wonderful way to merge my personal experiences with something I’m passionate about.

What inspires you about working with kids?

Kids are so much fun to work with! They’re curious, open-hearted, and respond beautifully to Chinese medicine. It’s really rewarding to earn a skeptical child’s trust; to get down on the floor, play with them, and to see how much they improve week to week.

What is your philosophy about keeping kids healthy?

Kids thrive with nourishing food, creative play, and time outdoors. But we’re all so busy these days, and it’s hard for many families to fit everything in. I believe strongly in working with kids and parents to make healthy changes that feel realistic and not overwhelming. Even small shifts can make a big difference.


What is your practice name, location and website?

Songbird Acupuncture
2324 E. Cesar Chavez St.
Austin TX 78702



Do you have a specialty within pediatrics or are there certain conditions you like to treat?

Austin is allergy central, so I often work with allergy symptoms, but I enjoy treating a wide range of conditions in kids of all ages. Because I’m a parent of an adolescent girl, I have a special interest in helping tweens/teens navigate their shifting bodies and emotions.

You can find Arden’s Directory Listing by Clicking HERE!





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