Featured Acupuncturist – Rebecca Groebner in Portland, OR

BexJoin me in welcoming this month’s Featured Acupuncturist Rebecca Groebner! A gifted
acupuncturist, Rebecca uses her talents for healing to improve her patients’ lives. It’s always wonderful to find another dedicated member of the pediatric acupuncture healing community, so, please read below to find out more about her and her practice.

Treating patients for many years has taught me that the body is truly a temple for something un-explainable in us, call it soul or spirit or whatever we will. We are more than the material parts of the cells that make us up. Healing must occur on every part of our being: the physical, the emotional and the mental/spiritual. We do ourselves a disservice when we fail to honor all of these pieces. True healing affects us on every level, it really is holistic in that way.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey to acupuncture

I wanted to be a doctor and an herbalist since I can remember. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I learned about acupuncture. I have always had faith in the body and I loved the idea of stimulating the body to heal itself. I had one son during school and another after I finished my Masters degree in acupuncture. Using this medicine with my own children has shown me how capable it is in helping to re-balance the body.

What inspires you about working with kids?

I remember being terrified of the allopathic doctor when I was a child. I often felt betrayed or tricked and remember feeling worse, rather than better, after I’d gone. I love working with children because I want them to feel empowered during the treatment process and I want them to feel more calm and balanced when they leave. Children respond dramatically well to the small amount of stimulation from acupuncture or gentle herbal medicines and they are a rewarding group to work with.

What is your philosophy about keeping kids healthy?

Keeping kids health starts with diet and lifestyle. Using deep breathing exercises or playful meditation techniques are good ways to keep the rhythms of the body balanced. Also, recognizing that it’s not just the components of the food that children eat, but the way in which we eat as a family, together, in sacred space, that clear the way for optimal digestion and overall health.

Do you have a specialty within pediatrics or are there certain conditions you like to treat?

I work with children in general and feel especially inspired around helping with pain conditions, skin disorders and attention/concentration problems.

What is your practice name, location and website?

My practice is The Local Healer.
I’m located at 728 NE Dekum Street, Portland, OR

You can check out Rebecca’s Directory Listing HERE!

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