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There are plenty of children in your area that need your help, but can they find you? Do parents know what kinds of problems you can treat? At first, parents may not know that acupuncture can help their child or they’re reluctant to bring their child in for acupuncture, until they learn more about it!

We’re here to help bridge that gap.

Every day thousands of parents come to searching for acupuncture and other natural solutions to treat their kid’s health problem.  They want safe, effective and natural solutions and acupuncture can offer that and so much more!

After reading about acupuncture and acupressure, parents are educated about how it can help and many are ready to give it a try. Our directory helps connect parents to local pediatric acupuncturists to get one-on-one care for their child.

You could be listed in many directories, but they probably aren’t sending you kids. The Pediatric Acupuncturist Directory is the ONLY ONE geared to helping kids and their parents find pediatric acupuncture specialists: the one at!

Become a Featured Acupuncturist – for Members Only

As a member of our directory, you’ll be eligible to become a featured acupuncturist. After you fill out a short survey we’ll put you in the monthly queue. Then we’ll use your answers to create a blog post to promote you and your clinic.

When you’re featured we also share your information in our newsletter with our growing list of parents – over 15,000 strong!!  

Here’s an example of what the featured acupuncturits blog post looks like. Click Here to See the Full Post.

How Do You Promote the Pediatric Acupuncture Directory?

We are regularly promoting our directory to increase traffic to our blog and help more kids.  Our passion is to help mainstream pediatric acupuncture and make sure the kids who need it most can find it.

We make a concentrated effort to direct parents to the Pediatric Acupuncturist Directory on our homepage and on each blog post. We have on average over 130,000 visitors to our blog each month and actively promote it by:

  • Blogging about hot topics in pediatrics
  • Promoting and sharing acupressure and natural tip memes on social media
  • Guest blogging on other popular health blogs
  • Public talks and video interviews

Robin is increasingly invited by industry leaders to be a guest expert on their online summits and interview series where she educates thousands of parents about pediatric acupuncture.  

During the interviews she actively promotes the Pediatric Acupuncturist Directory.  She’s been featured on  Home & Harmony Masterclass with Christa O’Leary, Chronic Wellness Tools with Lindsay Pera and most recently on The Healthy Kids Summit hosted by Jaime Boggeln.

What are the Benefits of Directory Membership?

The Pediatric Acupuncturist Directory, is the only acupuncture directory that helps parents and their kids find pediatric acupuncture specialists like you.  In addition, our directory has the following benefits to help parents find you:

  • Searchable by location
  • Specialities such as asthma, teens, anxiety, etc.
  • Customize with photos and practice details
  • Google maps to see how close they are to your office
  • Patients can even leave you reviews to help build your reputation

You can view an example listing HERE!

How much does it cost?

There are two payment options for the directory that will auto-renew on an annual or monthly basis, depending on what you sign up for.

The cost is $15 a month or $159 for the year

*BONUS: If you sign up for “$159 for the year”, Robin will send you the embed codes for her “Acupuncture for babies and kids” videos! You’ll be able to add these to your website and share on social media!

How Do I Sign Up?

We’ve made it super easy to sign up and get your listing up and running. Simply select your payment option below, fill out the online order form with all your practice details and we’ll create your listing for you.

Please note that it may take 7 – 10 business days for your listing to be added to the directory.

The cost is $15 a month or $159 for the year

*BONUS: If you sign up for “$159 for the year”, Robin will send you the embed codes for her “Acupuncture for babies and kids” videos! You’ll be able to add these to your website and share on social media!

Parents are looking for you, so make sure they can find you!  

Need Help or Have Qs?

If you’re experiencing any technical difficulties signing up or have any questions please email