My Philosophy

I want to be clear when I say I’m not “against” medicine, rather I’m for appropriately used medicine.  If your child is having a life threatening emergency please call 911 or go to an emergency room.  Modern medicine can do amazing things.


But what about when your child is unwell or sick but not severely ill? It’s times like these that you need solutions that stimulate the body to heal itself, like acupuncture, acupressure or pediatric tuina massage. Modern medicine can place a bandaid over some problems like coughs, headaches, colds, fevers, or sprained ankles, but it can rarely truly heal them.


From time to time I might post about things your pediatrician won’t tell you about.  I’m not bashing pediatricians—they have a very important role in the medical community.   I’m just pointing out that there are deficiencies in conventional medical care which can easily be filled with traditional Chinese medicine.  A once-important part of our heritage, traditional home remedies that used to be passed on within families, is seeing a revival. I want to share remedies that I know to be safe, effective and often found in your kitchen to help regenerate these traditional and tested therapies.


I believe parents should be a health advocate for their child and they should educate themselves to make informed medical decisions on behalf of their children.  I think parents and doctors should work in partnership when it comes to a child’s health care and that parents should feel supported in their religious and philosophical beliefs that impact their child’s health care.  I think parents have a right to question their doctor about the safety of medications and vaccines.  No parent should be bullied into giving medicines they do not believe are safe for their child—after all, parents and their children have to live with the ramifications of their decisions and choices.


In addition to focusing on medicines that make a child and family healthy, I want to focus on the food we eat. We are what we eat—our health and the health of our children are directly linked to what we eat.  I believe the foods we eat should be as close to the source as possible. In other words, we should make some of our food at home while eliminating processed and fast foods, additives, preservatives, colorings and “natural flavors,” all of which are anything but “natural.”